10 Ways To Reduce Signs Of Aging

Skin care is all about having good habits and can protect your skin from skin cancer, dryness, grainy skin etc. Skin plays an imperative role in protecting your body and protecting skin is not time-consuming but quickly it will become your habit like brushing your teeth.

You can protect your skin from various damages by incorporating healthy habits into your daily life to give your skin a young and radiant glow.

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Just follow steps given below:

  1. Try to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to cover your whole body. It will protect your skin from pollution and direct sunlight.
  2. Apply sunscreen every day and reapply when it is needed to protect your skin from UV rays of the sun. Try to be indoors when the sun is at an extreme level between 11 am to 3pm.
  3. Try to have a lot of water during day time and at least drink 7-10 glass of water per day. It will keep your body hydrated and avoid your skin to become chapped or flaky.
  4. Take some time to have a warm or hot shower for 5 to 10 minutes. It will hydrate and clear your skin pores to let your skin breath. Do not take a longer shower as it will make your skin dryer.
  5. Applying moisturizer to your skin is an essential part of skin care and, tries to make it a habit. As a result, it will keep your skin soft, supple and hydrated.
  6. Do not share your personal belongings like a bath towel, toothbrush, or lip balm with anyone. Do not touch your face often as bacteria may lead to acne.
  7. Try to use natural or mild face wash at least twice a day to keep your skin supple and radiant.
  8. Consider having a healthy diet to improve your metabolism and your skin will glow because of the nourishing diet.
  9. Avoid late night parties, consumption of alcohol, and smoking to have a healthy and young glowing skin.
  10. Visit your dermatologist if your skin shows any kind of unusual changes to eliminate any kind of crises over the early stages.

Growing age, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and UV rays of the sun can cause many skin diseases like age spots, wrinkles, freckles, skin cancer, and discoloration spots.

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Quit Smoking

Smoking and alcohol consumption is a part of an unhealthy lifestyle which limits your blood vessels to the furthest layer of skin and reduces blood flow and can cause skin cancer. Limited blood flow results as less oxygen and some nutrients can reach to the skin and damages to skin fiber.

Follow Healthy Diet

Olive oil, fish, fresh fruits, nuts, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and a great source of antioxidants which helps to boost blood flow in blood vessels. It prevents from all kind of irritation in the body as well as helps to heal the damaged caused by free radicals.

Diet restriction is also necessary to have a better result in a reasonable amount of time. Avoid food items like white bread and excessive sugary products which contain an extra amount of glycemic load.

Exercise Regularly

Physical activity or workout for 30 minutes a day can also help to decrease anxiety and maintain cortisol level in your body. It enhances the blood flow and helps to gain healthy glowing and radiant skin.

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